Membership Update

Sorry SBC Paddlers are not currently accepting any new membership applications. For those seeking a club to join, please check British Canoeing website. Thank you.

Shane Morgan

1 thought on “Membership Update

  1. Hi Shane, Is there a wait list to join the club? Both my wife and I would like to join the club – we live in East Leake. My wife has just taken up paddle boarding. As for me I am not a coach, but a sea kayak leader (see I also use to paddle free style at HPP up until a couple of years ago when the water quality of the Trent got the better of me! I came 18th once in a Peak UK challenge series – my claim to fame – but that was a while ago mind. So I should be able to help out at the club. I often use this stretch of the Soar for my sea kayak training – up to the bridge at Stanford and back, so joining SBC would be great in terms of access to the river, security (leaving the car at Zouch) and socially too. If you could let me know about the membership situation that would be great, especially if the membership situation changes. Many Thanks Simon


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