#shepaddles British Canoeing Ambassador

I joined the Soar Boating Club as a complete beginner some five years ago – nervous to get into a kayak! Key members of the club (Shane, Dave, Graeme, Dan Rob Gee) have supported and encouraged me to build my confidence and try different crafts. During the past five years or so they took me on some fabulous weekend adventures exploring various British rivers. Recently the club acquired SUP boards and wow – I just absolutely loved it . I loved the feeling of standing up tall on the water, being offered drinks by the barge boaters who were moored on the banks, the tranquility and beauty of the riverside. I loved the independence I got from SUP – the boards were light enough for me to carry. I wanted to take this new found love to a new level but didn’t know how. A very supportive paddling friend of mine – Carys encouraged me to become a #shepaddles ambassador – I was unsure as I don’t have any special skills or training! – but I do absolutely love being on the water, am keen to develop myself and have some exciting new adventures and I’d love to encourage other women to be empowered to experience the joys and delights of the waterways. So I am super humbled to have been selected by British Canoeing as one of their ambassadors – It’s a privilege to be working alongside such awesome experienced ambassadors- they will be a fantastic group of ladies to call on and share ideas with and seek advice from. I will share my journey of the ups and downs via Instagram and hopefully encourage others along the way. If you wish to follow Shilpa on instagram @sup.loving.shilpa


Click on the link below to find out more

ShePaddles Ambassadors British Canoeing

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