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River Clean-up

Hi All,
British Canoeing will once again be supporting Surfers Against Sewage on The Big Spring Beach Clean: Summit to Sea between 6-14 April. It’s the UK’s biggest beach clean event and this year, mountain cleans are included for the first time, alongside beach, river and city locations.
As waterways pollution starts inland it is important that inland waterways are covered too, to prevent pollution ending up in the ocean. Paddlers do a great job improving the health of our waterways by collecting litter from places others cannot reach.
SBC Paddlers will be carry out a clean-up of our local paddling water, on Sunday 7th April.
Our intention is to get out on the water and collect as much rubbish as is safely possible between Eleven Arches and Zouch. It is family event andchildren are encouraged to take part.
Following the collection, we will hopefully have a drink and meal in the clubhouse.
Please give me some ideas of numbers as I will have to organise gloves and litter pickers etc.

Regards Shane

Paddling Fees 2019

There are two options, firstly to pay a one off fee at the beginning of the year for all sessions based at the club. This is generally the cheaper option and saves the hassle of paying each time you paddle. Secondly to pay as you paddle.

Option 1 (pre-pay):

Boat owners (who are using that boat):         Adult  £20

Junior £10

Non-Boat Owners:                                          Adults  £43

Juniors £20

Please note that those who own their own boat, but use a club boat, are required to pay the appropriate fee for the use of the club boat. So that would either be the one off fee for that day or may be more economical to pay as a non-boat owner.  For instance if you own your own canoe, but are likely to take a club kayak out at least six times it may be worth paying as a non boat owner.

Cheques for advance fees should be made payable to Soar Boating Club, and sent to Paul Sharpe at The Soar Boating Club Normanton on Soar, LE12 5HB.

Option 2 (pay as you paddle):

Members:                                                       Adult    £4

Juniors £1

Visitors:                                                           Adults   £5

Juniors £2

Boat Storage: 

£24 per boat made payable to Soar Boating Club.  These can also be sent to Paul.

Trips and Weekends:

Day and weekend trips will generally be charged in line with the above fees, but may set on an individual basis. In all cases there will be a £3 per boat charge for transportation on the trailer.

We try and keep costs as low as possible. All fees are designed to cover costs which include maintenance, replacement of kit, boats and the trailers, together with the purchase of new boats and kit and our fees to Canoe England.

River Trent with Trent & Mersey Canal Loop

River Trent with Trent & Mersey Canal Loop

Date:          Saturday 19th May, Temperature 22 degrees.

Distance:  10.6 miles.

This paddle route was first scouted by our intrepid explorers Paul and Shane back in February when the required dress of the day was snow suits! This was the trial group paddle!

As with all these paddles the devil is in the detail, parking was organised at The Canal Farm Shop in Great Heywood and this gave us direct access to the canal.  A short paddle on the canal and portage brought us onto the River Trent by Essex Bridge.

This is a Grade 1 listed bridge, built around1550 and became the main packhorse route across the river in this area!

So, the six of us then headed up the River Sow to see if we could get a closer look at Shugborough Hall, hard work against the current for about a mile, but easier and quicker on the return journey to the River Trent.

There followed a leisurely paddle for a further six miles on the meandering river taking in the wild life that included heron, kingfisher and buzzards along with a multitude of ducklings, goslings and cygnets.

Our lunch break was in the field where we were to portage back to the canal, a nice lunch even though the locals took a liking to Perry’s sandwiches!

Time to set off for the return journey with just over 4 miles to go on the Trent & Mersey Canal.  Passing open fields and only a few narrow boats as most were tied up watching the royal wedding, two locks paddled through and back to the car park at the Canal Farm Shop.

Kit packed away, trailer loaded, and then off to the cafe for well deserved coffee, and the delightful Victoria Sponge baked for the  occasion by Rob’s wife was consumed with gusto.  A one-hour trip back to base and the trailer parked ready for its next adventure.

Many thanks to Paul Sharpe for organising, Perry Chester, Shane Morgan, Rob Lackey, Jon Jarkuilisz for making it a great trip. Of course, we all thank Mrs Lackey for the fabulous Victoria sponge!

Report written by Graeme Young

May Day Bank Holiday Weekend

May Day Bank Holiday 4 May – 7 May ( Soar Boating Club )

Friday  Night: meet at the club for an evening socialising.
We plan to order Chinese takeaway to be delivered, for those wishing to partake.

Family and friends paddling and camping available.

Saturday  : Canoe/kayak trip, destination to be confirmed.

Saturday Night: David Lacey will be providing our entertainment.
A fish and chip supper will be provided at the mid session interval.
Vegetarian option available. Please request in advance as they will have to cook first.

Cost per Head – £12.00

Sunday  : Lunchtime: the BBQ will be lit, we provide the heat, you provide the meat.

The bar will be open all weekend.

Camping: Free for members.
Visitors per unit £5 for one night or £10 per event. This is line with new club policy and will apply to all events.

Please contact Karen Millhouse for bookings and enquiries.

Cheers Shane