Kit for paddling


Buoyancy aid ( provided by the club and wearing one is compulsory whilst paddling with SBC paddlers)

A whistle attached to the BA is useful in case of emergency

Cag or a lightweight windproof jacket ( for a reasonably priced try Decathlon Store around £25.) Please note the club do not provide cags.

Shorts or quick drying trousers ( but no jeans) neoprene shorts are ideal.

Base layers ( quick drying fabrics no cotton Tee Shirts)

Wetsuit : Canoeists seldom use wetsuits. If you are going to buy one, get  one with no arms to prevent fatigue during normal paddling.

Suitable footwear ( neoprene ones are ideal or an old pair of trainers)

Spray deck if you are using a kayak ( optional )

Sun Hat , Sunglasses and sun cream (water will intensify the effects of the sun’s rays)

A towel

Dry bag for you car keys, mobile and spare clothes

Lunch or snacks + a drink ( according to the length of the paddle)


Buoyancy aid

A whistle attached to the BA is useful in case of emergency

Dry cag and dry trousers or at least a wind and rain proof jacket and waterproof  over trousers .

A drysuit is the best option if you are paddling in wet cold conditions or if a swim is a distinct possibility .

Base layers under waterproof ( long sleeve base layers and thermal long John  are available in outdoor shops like Go Outdoors in Loughborough)

Spray deck if you are using a Kayak

Sturdy footwear( for walking around on the river bank as well as protecting your feet if you swim)

Depending on the the river or sea states a Helmet is a good idea.

Paddling gloves and a warm hat

Dry bag for your car keys, mobile, spare clothes and a towel

Lunch or snacks and a flask with a warm drink


First aid kit

Spare paddles

Group Shelter

Throw – line


Please note your kit will vary if you are using a kayak or an open canoe, if you are not sure what to wear on your first trip or before you buy any kit just ask one of the members for advice .