Membership Update.

Sorry SBC Paddlers are not currently accepting any new membership applications.

For those seeking a club to join, please check British Canoeing website.

Thank you.

Shane Morgan

Paddling fees for 2021

*What fee do I pay?*

•Adult using club kit paddling fee- £45
•2 x Adults using club kit always in same boat jointly paddling – £67 (eg Dan and Maddie)
•Boat owners paddling- £20.00
•2x Adults boat owners always in same boat jointly paddling- £30 ( eg myself and Lee)
•Junior paddling fee- £10
•Boat storage- £24
•Single Session Paddle (Pay as you go) -£5 per adult (£2 children)
If you are unsure just drop me a message on the Whatsapp group and I’ll help you 🙂
Laura xx