River Wye Canoe Camping Weekend


Reminder of the above trip. I am now taking numbers, please start letting me know who is coming and which boat you will using.

Friday 20th September- Set up camp at Hoarwithy, Tresseck Campsite.


Saturday 21st September – Hereford to Hoarwithy – 17miles

Sunday 22nd September – Hoarwithy to Ross on Wye – 12miles

This trip will be open to all club members. Full details will follow. Basically it will follow previous formats. Bring your own food and camping gear.

Saturday’s paddle back to campsite from Hereford. Communal BBQ on Saturday night.

Sunday paddle from campsite to Ross.

Camping fees will be paid direct to campsite.

Paddling fees will be normal club fees.

Members on ‘pay as you paddle’ using club boats: adults £4 per boat per day and children £1 per day.

Plus £3 trip fee for all.

Shane Morgan



River CleanUp


Thank you to all of you who took part in the Surfers against Sewage Big Spring Beach Clean- Summit to Sea. This was supported by British Canoeing and SBC Paddlers.

Seventeen bags of rubbish plus a number of cones, a tyre, a fire-pit and a crash helmet were collected from the River Soar between Zouch and the junction with the canal at Loughborough.
Worryingly, was the amount of very small pieces of plastic and polystyrene trapped in natural debris.

Steve won the award for the most unusual item found. A competency certificate from the Brush for operating an overhead crane, narrowly beating Gee’s pregnancy testing kit (or at least the one she found).

A special thank you to Laura, who spent most of Saturday, preparing meals for the paddlers and all of Sunday, looking after us.

We will be carrying out other ‘clean-ups’ in the near future, covering the stretch up to Eleven Arches and hopefully some of us will collect rubbish during our regular paddles.

Shane Morgan

River Clean-up

Hi All,
British Canoeing will once again be supporting Surfers Against Sewage on The Big Spring Beach Clean: Summit to Sea between 6-14 April. It’s the UK’s biggest beach clean event and this year, mountain cleans are included for the first time, alongside beach, river and city locations.
As waterways pollution starts inland it is important that inland waterways are covered too, to prevent pollution ending up in the ocean. Paddlers do a great job improving the health of our waterways by collecting litter from places others cannot reach.
SBC Paddlers will be carry out a clean-up of our local paddling water, on Sunday 7th April.
Our intention is to get out on the water and collect as much rubbish as is safely possible between Eleven Arches and Zouch. It is family event andchildren are encouraged to take part.
Following the collection, we will hopefully have a drink and meal in the clubhouse.
Please give me some ideas of numbers as I will have to organise gloves and litter pickers etc.

Regards Shane

June paddle on the Thames update

Hi all,

We are having to change the dates for the June paddle on the Thames to the following weekend.Unfortunately the campsite was closed for a private event on the original dates. I will be canvassing for final numbers shortly as this is a paddle where we need to book the campsite in advance.

Details of the paddle can be seen below or in Events on the Facebook page.


River Thames Paddle June 14th to 16th

We are looking at a weekend paddle and camp on the Thames in June.

The paddle will run from Reading to Henley on the Saturday (around 10 miles) and Henley to Marlow on Sunday (around 9 miles). So not too challenging with time to enjoy the location and facilities.

Part of the paddle may incorporate a backwater which will have some moving water (similar to what we might paddle on the River Wye) subject to water levels.

The campsite is a tents only site, which allows camp fires. I am afraid no dogs allowed.

Advance bookings and payments will be required, but for now please indicate if you are interesting in attending and if you are put it in your diary.


Paul Sharpe