The River Wye 2019 By Graeme Young

September has always been a good month for the SBC Paddlers to go to the River Wye, the river is quieter, normally the water levels are good and the weather is cool but kind. The section between Hay-on Wye and Hereford (30 Miles) has been paddled in previous years, so now it was the turn for Hereford to Ross-on-Wye another 30+ mile section.Friday was camp set up at Tresseck Campsite at Hoarwithy with some stunning weather. so it was decided to kick of the weekend with a meal at the local pub, after a long hike of 3 minutes we arrived hot and thirsty to sample the local hooch and food, that turned out to be most agreeable


As is normal the logistics of getting the team, canoes and kit to the stat point takes some organising,  but we arrived at Hereford, unloaded and got on the water.  For a late September Saturday it was warm and “dress of the day” was sunscreen, and lots of it with temperatures reaching 25 degrees….it was a hot one!

So we started our 18 mile paddle from Hereford to Hoarwithy, in high spirits , lots of sandwiches and lashings of ginger beer! As is our tradition at the end of a hard days paddling, some bottom scrapping and kit sorting/cleaning:  the rest and recuperation starts with High Tea, which surprisingly led on to the BBQ and a superb freshly cooked Saag Paneer (Indian cheese and spinach) curry cooked by Dave Barsby.

As the sun set on a great days paddling, chatting, eating and drinking it was time to kick back and relax,warm the toes and recharge the batteries.  However we all know where there is Ying there is Yang too. So Sunday we woke up to continuous rain and drizzle, but being a hardy bunch of folk we were not put off.


Sunday was a shorter paddle with only 12 miles, and a slightly faster flow following the overnight rain with fewer stops, apart the one where Dave Morris had a slight soaking. He slipped slowly but elegantly off some rocks into the river! But was able to nip to has caravan to dry and change as we had stopped to say ‘Hi ‘to his wife Kate – very cool Dave!! (Sadly no photo is available of this event!)

Another section of the River Wye completed…. Bring on the next one!

The Welsh Connection By Graeme Young


This was a mid week visit to Wales with the intention of paddling the  Llangollen Canal, and a chance of also introducing open water paddling to some of our less experienced members.

Llyn Tegid, also known in English as Bala Lake, is a lake in Gwynedd, Wales. The name Tegid may be related to Welsh teg, meaning “fair”. It was the largest natural body of water in Wales before its level was raised by Thomas Telford to help support the flow of the Ellesmere Canal.

Bala did not disappoint, with some heavy rain, the car park was underwater, but being intrepid explorers, it did not take long to unload the canoes and kayaks and get on the water. Then came the fun! When we changed tack to paddle across the lake, the wind blew up and provided a broadside swell of sea state  3 and some interesting gusts of wind. After a bit of hard work we crossed the lake then skirted the shore till we got back to the launch point.

Off to the campsite for some of the intrepid explorers and a hotel for our even hardier paddlers.  A good meal had been earned and the choice of hostelries in LLangollen did not fail.

Then came the main event

Embarking at the start of the LLangollen Canal (a World Heritage Site), paddling back up to Horseshoe Falls. This was truly the source!.

The canoe trail is classed as a 10-mile paddle, but Google Maps put it closer to 12.  We were joined by a past club paddler Carys Owen who re-located home to Anglesey a number of years ago, it was good to catch up.

The trip down the canal was a very relaxing with good time made at around our average pace of three miles per hour with stops. Then came the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct.

Some of the team were a bit wary of the height at 38m (124ft), but when you see what a truck looks like it puts it all into perspective!!

A short distance further on  was another first for most of us, as we passed under a Lift Bridge, kindly raised by Paul S.


So like all enjoyable days , there has to be something that reminds you, even on canals you have to be careful. With a lot of hire Narrow boats in the area, once we were a third of the way through the 450m tunnel with a 500w LED Builders light on the front canoe and everyone with head torches on, a hire boat decided to come through and meet us. After a brief discussion it was decided that we would walk our canoes back the way we came and let the very sheepish boater carry on his way.

Leaving Wales we passed over another aqueduct at Chirk  and paddled into England for a short distance.

A very enjoyable paddle through some stunning landscape, wonderful views and warm hospitality.

North Wales Trip

NORTH WALES TRIP and a minute bit of England.

Tuesday 1st October 2019. Travel to Bala and afternoon paddle on lake. Overnight camp (TBA).

Wednesday 2nd October 2019 Canoe trail from Swallow Falls to Chirk along Llangollen Canal, 10 miles including crossing Pontcysylite Aquaduct.

Please note at this stage it may be necessary to transport the boat you are using as I am not sure if a towing vehicle will be available.

Please let me know if you are interested.

Shane Morgan

River Wye Canoe Camping Weekend


Reminder of the above trip. I am now taking numbers, please start letting me know who is coming and which boat you will using.

Friday 20th September- Set up camp at Hoarwithy, Tresseck Campsite.

Saturday 21st September – Hereford to Hoarwithy – 17miles

Sunday 22nd September – Hoarwithy to Ross on Wye – 12miles

This trip will be open to all club members. Full details will follow. Basically it will follow previous formats. Bring your own food and camping gear.

Saturday’s paddle back to campsite from Hereford. Communal BBQ on Saturday night.

Sunday paddle from campsite to Ross.

Camping fees will be paid direct to campsite.

Paddling fees will be normal club fees.

Members on ‘pay as you paddle’ using club boats: adults £4 per boat per day and children £1 per day.

Plus £3 trip fee for all.

Shane Morgan